head fail Compilation by FailArmy (Part 2) || Balls to the Face

head fail Compilation by FailArmy (Part 2) || Balls to the Face
We’re simple guys, we see people get balls to the face, we collect them and post them on the internet. Shout out to all the people starring in this fail compilation, we appreciate your service. Let us know your thoughts down below, submit your fails at submit.failarmy.com, and as always, SALUTE!
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Original Links:
Teen Tries Crushing Beer Can and Gives Himself a Headache
Golfer Hits Himself In Head with Golf Ball
Basketball Dunker Lands Nut-First on Other Player’s Face
Girl in Swimming Pool Hits Face on Camera
Dad Kicks Yoga Ball into Son’s Face
Guy Hits Face with Bo Staff
Girl Gets Smacked with Pillow and Makes Hole in the Wall
Baseball Player Gets Orange to Face
Wannabe Rockstar Hits Self in Head with Guitar
Guy Jumps from Bunk Bed into Pants
Little League Catcher Accidentally Hits Batter in Head
Shotgun Recoil Hits Girl in Face
Guy Hits Himself in Face with Arcade Hammer
Guy Gets Nailed by Dodgeball Machine
Unicycler Suffers Self-Inflicted Wheel to the Face
Grandma Gets Hit in the Face with Ping Pong Ball
Softball Pitcher head fail
Playground Soccer Ball Ricochets into Guy’s Face
Soccer Ball Ricochet Hits Cameraman
Beach Volleyball Facial
Smiling Kid Knocked over by Ball
Drone Crashes into Pilot Trainee’s Face
Alpaca Spits at Camerawoman
Girl Kicks Self in Face with Ball
Girl Gets Taken Out by Massive Beach Ball
Speedbag Hits Guy In Face
Parking Gate Hits Man in Head
Water Bottle Rocket Hits Kid in Face
Dizzy Bat Soccer Kick Fail
Cameraman Gets Hit in Face with Frisbee
CrossFit Wall Ball Hits Head
Pole Vaulter Misses Jump and Hits Self in Face
Baseball Bounces Off Batter’s Helmet into Camera
Girl Throws Yoga Ball At Wall And Ricochets Into Her Face
Kid Hits Line Drive into Coach’s Head
Tether Ball Hits Girl in Face
Blindfolded Goalie Takes Soccer Ball to the Face
Guy Attempts Trick Shot with Shovel and Ball
Dad Accidentally Hits Daughter in Face with Ball

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